Istanbul Gelişim University School of Foreign Languages

Dear Students,


The English and Russian Preparatory Programs in the School of Foreign Languages aim to learn the courses in the departments of the students on the level that they can follow in these languages. 


It also contributes to the acquisition and development of verbal and written communication skills and knowledge necessary for students to access and use resources written in foreign language in their academic fields, to exchange information in these languages, and to use this language effectively in their future business life.


Students who have successfully completed the Preparatory Course will have the ability to use English and Russian efficiently at an independent user level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR) standards.         


In order to reach these goals, Distance Learning System of the Gelişim University The School of Foreign Languages, provides the students with unlimited learning opportunities independent of time and space by following the courses of the "GUSFOL" courses on the internet, making some of the exams on the internet, teacher-student communication, sharing student notes, videos etc.
Supporting English education in more than one hundred countries, "Your Learning Place" offers unlimited content for students to improve their English language skills on the internet.


In addition, English preparatory program exams are held with CAMLA support, which is a joint study of Cambridge University and the University of Michigan. These exams bring quality and assurance to foreign language education.



Assis. Prof. Dr.Şahin Gök

The School Foreign Languages Director