Weekend School

Istanbul Gelişim University has started the "Weekend School" for English Preparatory Class students in Foreign Language School. The aim of the program is to improve the English speaking and communication skills of preparatory class students. The fact that the program is on Saturdays is aimed at reducing the cognitive barriers by eliminating the stress created by the classroom environment and providing a fluent speech habit in a more relaxed, self-confident enhancing environment.


Another aim of the Weekend School is to reduce shyness to speak in a foreign language by transforming the formal relationship between the teacher and the student into a warmer and more intimate peer relationship and to make the students speak more fluently in a natural and comfortable environment.


The refreshments given before and during the lesson motivate foreign communication to continue outside the classroom. Short conversations made in small groups with foreign teachers who do not speak Turkish make the students gain enrichment before, during and after class. 


Vocational English is the afternoon activity of the IGU-Weekend School. Students are aimed to be familiar with the topics and words they will encounter in their vocational courses in their departments.


Students make their first preparations for the profession in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Health, Psychology, Management, Commerce and Political Science, with the professional foreign teachers. Thus, with the self-confidence gained at Weekend School, the students will be able to make a good start to their courses.


The program continues throughout the education term. Participants will be given an "attendance certificate" if they continue the program without interruption.