Aim of the School of Foreign Languages is to help students, who will be receiving an education in our Bachelor’s Degree and Associate Degree Programs in English, acquire the required level of English in compliance with European Language Portfolio (CEFR).


Therefore, our students receive an intensive foreign language education which is based on continuous assessment and reading, writing, speaking and listening – centered.


The students who successfully complete the School of Foreign Languages are equipped with English language so that they can use their knowledge effectively at a level of independent user according to European Language Portfolio (CEFR). 


IGUSFOL Mission Statement


The School of Foreign Languages aims to provide competency in English and Russian languages sufficient to study in the related degree programmes whose medium of instructions are English or Russian. It also coordinates and supervises all types of educational activities within the preparatory class. The School also aims to improve students’ competencies in the respective languages by enabling them to access academic sources in English and Russian and make use of them efficiently, communicate in the said languages and utilize these languages in their future professional careers in the most effective way possible. To achieve these goals; the School of Foreign Languages provides a World-class education by ensuring the students are in a constructive, creative, original and innovative educational environment.


IGUSFOL Vision Statement


The School of Foreign Languages objective includes contributing to the use of English language as a medium of instruction at İstanbul Gelişim University, providing language education for students to be sufficiently competent in English and Russian languages, as well as working towards the goals set in its mission statement for a continious progress towards higher qualitative and quantitive standards, being an educational institution of Istanbul Gelişim University, improving performance where deemed necessary and possible, and maintaining a sustainable high performance in fields in which it already is proficient.


To achieve this, IGUSFOL Management will help its departments reach higher standards by focusing on the efficiency and productivitiy of its subunits and its staff.